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State Profiles

Note: The RSFLG does not track appropriations or spending for the COVID-19 pandemic, which is available at

Spending data presented here incudes all federal supplemental appropriations for disasters declared in 2017-2019. However, data for non-COVID disasters declared in 2020 – 2022 is included only from FEMA, SBA and HUD.

This State Profiles page provides insights into disaster funding that falls within a particular U.S. state or territory with the tools and data breakdowns below.

Please explore these historic federal disaster declarations by state, county, hazard, and year to better understand your historical disaster risk and potential disaster-related costs.

How to use the following profiles: Select the state drop-down and click “(All)” to clear all states. Then select the desired state(s) and click “Apply”. Click back on the top of the drop-down menu to see your selection. Repeat for Agency Abbreviation, Bureau Name, or Funding Source. The funding source selection reflects both supplemental funding and regular FEMA and SBA disaster appropriations associated with specific years. The table below will also be updated with the selections.


Data Caveats:

Note: The amounts listed above exclude amounts provided In Public Law 115-72 for USDA Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program ($1.27B), USDA Wildland Fire Management ($184M), USDA Flame Wildfire Suppression Reserve ($342M), and DOI Wildland Fire Management ($50M) as these Program Account/Funds are not included in OMB’s disaster-specific tracking.

The RSFLG strives to improve the effectiveness and unity of effort of coordinated Federal Recovery responsibilities, as well as to resolve operational, resource, and policy issues related to interagency recovery actions at the national level. This is accomplished through the engagement of interagency leadership in a forum designated for the exchange of relevant information, associated planning and exercises, and decision making.

For more information, please visit OpenFEMA's API terms and conditions.

Data Sources:

Appropriation amounts from Public Laws 115-56, 115-72, 115-123, 115-141, 115-254, 116-6, 116-20, and 117-43. Announced/Allocated, Obligated, and Outlayed amounts provided by Departments/Agencies and include FEMA and SBA non-supplemental funding. For accessibility, view the raw data. If you need help reading this page, please email us at