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Term Definition
Procurement Instrument Identifier (PIID)

A unique identifier assigned to a Federal contract, purchase order, basic ordering agreement, basic agreement, and blanket purchase agreement. It is used to track the contract and any modifications or transactions related to it.

Program Account/Funds

The accounts in which Agencies and Bureaus deposit disaster supplemental appropriations or spending authorizations provided by Congress. Changes in the balances of the accounts are then reported to OMB and the Department of Treasury on a monthly basis.

Program Management Office

The RSFLG Program Management Office (PMO) tracks funds and outcomes across the Federal interagency partners for the 2017 Hurricanes (Harvey, Irma, Maria) and the California wildfires. The purpose of the PMO is to provide accountability and transparency, enhance coordination and collaboration, and facilitate outcome driven recovery across the Federal government.

Public Law

Enacted bills and joint resolutions, which receive a number as an identifier from the National Archives and Records Administration’s Office of Federal Register.