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EDA Invests in Recovery of University of Texas at Austin’s Marine Science Institute After Hurricane Harvey Damage (Article)

On August 1, 2019, U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) Deputy Assistant Secretary Dennis Alvord announced a $5 million EDA grant to renovate the University of Texas (UT) Marine Science Institute, which sustained more than $45 million in damage from Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. The EDA grant will also be used to help establish the Center for Coastal Ocean Science, and is being matched with $1.25 million in local investment.

The project will help repair multiple buildings that were damaged by Hurricane Harvey in Port Aransas, TX and allow for the installation at the city's largest employer of a new seawater system to support the campus in the event of future severe weather.

“The Lone Star State is grateful to our federal partners for their assistance in rebuilding and repairing UT Austin’s Marine Science Institute Campus in Port Aransas,” said Governor Abbott. “Thanks to investments like this one, along with the matched $1.25 million for the local community, Port Aransas can continue its rebuilding efforts and remain a hub of research and innovation for marine sciences.”

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