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About Us


The Recovery Support Function Leadership Group (RSFLG) strives to improve the effectiveness and unity of effort of coordinated federal recovery responsibilities, as well as to resolve operational, resource, and policy issues related to interagency recovery actions at the national level. This is accomplished through the engagement of interagency leadership in a forum designated for the exchange of relevant information, associated planning and exercises, and decision making.


The RSFLG is a federal interagency body designed to identify and facilitate resolution of operational and policy challenges related to the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) and recovery-related elements of Presidential directives for National Preparedness and Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience. The RSFLG engages the interagency leadership in a forum to improve the effectiveness and unity of effort in coordinating the federal recovery support of the eight Recovery Core Capabilities. The RSFLG, through its membership and structure, is responsible for the coordination of federal interagency guidance and policy implementation, and the oversight of appropriate planning efforts. RSFLG meetings serve as a vehicle for information exchange and updates on programs that directly affect the roles and responsibilities of the six Recovery Support Functions (RSFs) as described in the NDRF. In addition, RSFLG working groups provide a forum for resolving issues and developing support plans and procedures that encourage coordination of functions.


Membership consists of the coordinating Departments and Agencies (D/A) for the six RSFs; other D/A and Offices, as well as several Non-Profit Organizations, serve as active contributors in both primary and supporting roles; and other organizations may be designated by the RSFLG Chair. Membership also includes support from FEMA Regional Administrators and Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinators (FDRC).

Six Recovery Support Function(s): Community Planning and Capacity Building – Federal Coordinating Agency: Federal Emergency Management Agency;  Economic - Federal Coordinating Agency: U.S. Department of Commerce; Health and Social Services - Federal Coordinating Agency: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Housing  - Federal Coordinating Agency: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; Infrastructure Systems - Federal Coordinating Agency: Department of Defense/ U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Natural and Cultural Resources - Federal Coordinating Agency: U.S. Department of Interior